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Executive Coach, TAB- Certified Facilitator, President TAB Israel
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +972-73-796-5667
Mobile: +972-53-720-9780

Arik Hertz

Arik has been an Executive Consultant and Coach for years, helping businesses owners and leaders achieve faster growth, higher profits, and fulfillment of personal visions.


Arik is the president of TAB Northeast and he is working successfully with more than 40 members, business owners and executives, in the Philadelphia and the New York area. Experiencing how helpful the TAB way is, managers identify and solve issues, increase profitability, improve their lives , develop actionable plans, increase sales and get to faster growth;


Arik has the passion to expand TAB in Israel and help Israeli members increase productivity and work on leadership, Vision, accountability, positioning, team building and more.


Having graduated with a Masters in Electronic Engineering, Arik started his career as a project engineer before founding and successfully selling a number of businesses, and eventually moving into business management, facilitation and coaching

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Executive Coach. TAB- Certified Facilitator
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +972-73-796-5667
Mobile: +972-54-624-5926

Iris Groman

Iris Groman helps business owners and CEOs focus on their vision. Managers make the necessarily changes to improve their companies performance and leads them to growth.

Iris vast experience helps her understand that it is not that the neighbor grass is always greener; she learnt that dialogue opens new opportunities and people are the most important resource for success.

Iris has the passion to help companies owners make their grass greener and she believe that wide view gives a wide range of possibilities and that efficient time management enables the wide array of tasks and fun, desires and dreams.

Iris holds an Executive M.B.A from Tel Aviv University.  She has more than 20 years of experience of leading, developing and managing people, processes, large budgets and projects in various areas.

As part of the leading team in The Alternative Board (TAB) Israel, Iris brings business owners and CEOs from non-competing industries together to deal with challenges and opportunities that they each face in their businesses.

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